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26. října 2009 v 17:35 | Hráblík = ) |  Deník
Ahojte Lidičkysmile #964,
Moc jsem se blogu nevěnovalasmile #1228, stejně sem moc lidiček nechodísmile #706, neva...

Měla jsem ted trochu crazy #1366

Nejvíc je asi to, že můj nejlepší kámoš si našel holkusmile #950, mě to tak trochu vadilosmile #248, ale né že bych ho balilasmile #1253, prostně nw...499

Jeden kluk co se mi líbí semi stále líbí #1323 je to crazy!965!, ale já nw, jestli se mu líbimNe, ne, ne *3242*, pár lidí říká že mě nabaluje a že potřeboval jen popostrčit1073, ale nw.

JinakMusic, hudba *240*, jsem hned jak jsem dojela z lázní stáhla new musicMusic, hudba *240*, taky nejvíc.Music, hudba *240*

Asi mě šibesmile #1245, ale těším se do školy, baví mě to tamJuch *1509*, protože je tam ONKoukám na tebe *1564*! a prostě supr lidi!

No nicsmile #1134, to je asik tak všesmile #1135, zatím PaP a mots všechny zdraví #1268

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1 Miss.Palestinka♥<3 Miss.Palestinka♥<3 | Web | 27. října 2009 v 9:48 | Reagovat

taky chci bejt "zamilovaná"

2 Miqelka Miqelka | Web | 27. října 2009 v 15:31 | Reagovat

Tak jestli tobě šibe tak newim co já, on my jeden kluk z etřídy říká Mišičko (hrůza jako) a další kluk na to "Mišičko to je tak úchylný." a za pět minut ten co tvrdil že je to úchylný tak "Héj Mišičko, nezapomeň na třídnicu"

3 michael kors michael kors | E-mail | Web | 2. září 2013 v 9:19 | Reagovat

"Her son turned over the collar on the shirt, Fu Lan smoke thought, decided to try his smart change some of the bad habits of life, "the past few years, are mother think thoughtful, did not take into account that you're a boy. later, we Zhelin themselves to the male toilet, okay?"  Scratched his head the Zhelin not understand, look ignorant look to Fu Lan smoke, "Mom, I really can not go to a female toilet a ho?"  Nodded Fu Lan smoke very patient with my son explained, "You are still small, those aunts and sisters will not feel awkward, but so you grow up again, people will joke you will said the mother will not educate their children. "  "Do not, I do not want to hear them say bad things about her mother's, my mother is the best mother in the world!" Heard it so serious, the Zhelin suddenly clenched little fist, a fight to the death to protect the mother's posture, " mother, you will do well,        then I will go to the male toilet, will be like that nasty uncle said as standing pee like a man! "  Although the sentence behind him confused Fu Lan smoke some laugh and cry, but he was determined to be so big, she can not help but be pleased clarity kissed his son's face, "the Zhelin Zhenguai." <br/> He would like to know that five years ago, things did not cause what effect on her, for example, has caused her to break up with her boyfriend, or bring her something troubled.  Even if the trouble does not understand why she was drugged, but how will appear in his bed, but he did not hold back on her, how to say is not a gentleman.  Even if afterwards he taste of her obsession, and never regretted plundered her virginity, but he still wants to know, these five years, she better life is not good.  If her life miserable because his reason, to be honest, he will feel bad.  Always felt this woman as if he played less.  With the words of a popular point is that those women look is pheasant, and she is neatly decent women.  Even if she had not a virgin, but she whither a station, the impression is so clean and pure as ever.  Silent for a moment, Fu Lan smoke that does not seem to earlier, the back to work. <br/> She swore in his heart, from now on, she will be a good filial two old, and never leave them one step.  Brush the brush arm and, Fu Lan smoke head down, greeted with the father on the wheelchair, a bit stiff, "Dad, I'm back."  Hold fast to the arms of young grandson, Fu Qisheng looked up, looked at her look complicated one, hesitated for a moment, or free hand to hold her daughter's, "Just come back, come back just fine."  Surprised I was to hold his hand, Fu Lan smoke the whole people suddenly hesitated, obviously flattered.  To know from five years ago to the present, even if she occasionally took Zhelin come back to visit relatives, father Even Zhelin laugh, do not quite willing ignores her.  She knew the father on the surface appears to be too her disgrace, suspected she tried to stay, do not want to recognize her daughter this rotten house, in fact, he is pained her a man with a child.  <br/>

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